Disunited WE Crumble and Fall.

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“A people united shall never be defeated”.

When did people of Color forget this?And, especially those in the German diaspora ,Köln NRW in particular,what happened?.

We are our worst enemies and l am in the number .We stopped valuing our sisters and brothers when they are alive and hypocritically value them in death.If we never gave a morsel of bread to them alive,do they need the help in death?.”l am guilty as charged!”

Self-reflection made me see the reason and l ask for forgiveness. I address a fact spoken every time after the facts!We do not have a common plan and we are alienated to the truth by our differences.History proves that as  individuals,and we will never flourish ,nor create enough wealth to have a decisive say.We deceive ourselves ,understandably ,in the beginning, because we did not know otherwise.

But,enough is enough!Tragedies have frequently occurred to make us stop and say “why are we doing things in the same way with our numerous groups and expecting to get different results?”.

We are inadequately represented where it matters to be effective .Very few people have made it up there ;but there is hope,as a collective people with,similar  goals of inclusion ,dignity and respect.Hatred is an evil,which has undermined our choices.We have acquired a lack of empathy to our suffering ,for those lost in hopelessness , unheard voices except in death.Lets say no and unite in our message of authentic caring, and not just be guiltly tolerant and hypocritical.We take huge steps towards facing the challenges we percieve together.As fragments of many,,misrepresented groups we are divided bound yo be losers,rivalled by other minority groups who see the need of community care.Money is only a solution to a problem and increases in abundance when its  benefits are aimed at underprivileged whole.

Change comes from a thought which leads to  changed habits and attitudes.In love l could not keep quiet after witnessing the deaths of so many young adults.I am one tiny voice in the wilderness but l owe no apologies  or explainations.l call for one voice of a people of Color to  awaken for the sake, if not of yourself, then that of your children or children’s, children .

One big Hug to You filled with Love.

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