Embrace Who You Are

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  • Be the author of your own culture.
  • Do not move in the shadow of someone else’s destiny.
  • Your lifestyle, your attitude, your thoughts and innovations, let them be identifiable with you.
  • You are you and forget the compelling part of the old life that makes you seek validation.
  • Know that you are not a category on a sales magazine .
  • Be clear that you are not a commodity on a supermarket shelf.
  • You are a child of the Universe.
  • You are born with all the God made abilities to survive on this earth.
  • Your heart plus  your mind will help you in choice-making.
  • Forget the past ,even a billionaire can not purchase it.
  • Be present, aware of your surroundings and your role ,in making it safe .
  • Everybody matters, give love ,nobody can do that for you better than you.
  • Take action ,step out and do what you love doing.
  • Take off the mask .Be true to you .Be grateful,kind and your brother’s/sister’s keeper


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