Write your life into existence

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I am using my new voice and saying l believe l can live a heaven

on earth life-narrating my life and owning my stories and saying

they all had a purpose.

This is me unmasking and figuring it all out as l move on step by step.

This is me creating something l have never really acknowledged fully,

but has lingered in my heart for so long seeking an outlet,hopeful and

pumping my blood with surety.

This is me working intentionally towards the borders of freedom in the

world that is taking shape be for my eyes;a world of oneness and purity.

I accept who l am and l am honoring all those who unknown to them,

are entwined in my life:their words,work,passions and friendships.

I read an article about Octavia Butler an Afro-futurist and l wanted to be

like her;”….l love who she was ….she did this fearless and audacious,

powerful and transformative thing and literally wrote her life into

existence”-(Meg Vallee March 12,2018 Progressive Christian).

I yearn to be embraced with wisdom,self-love,unapologetic,undeterred by

life and fearlessly focused.

l want to do or write about that which is percieved as bold or unrealistic or

impossible.Wanting,hoping,longing is a vulnerable thing….but it is a

work in progress.Although Octavia’s voice and that of many of my other heroes

were unyielding and felt so definitive,l am sure l am not yet there,yet,l am

meeting myself where l’m at…..in the same way l hope you will meet yourself

where you are at.For a person like me:Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz who’s always

wrestled with the innate fear of never being significant,belonging and not being

all the things l am supposed to somehow be at any given time,l am reminding

myself often how truly brave this is.l want to be brave.l want to be me.

■Let my end always be others:human beings ;communities.

■Let me commit to work that which is not only personally satisfying but contributes

to the Needs and Value to others around me.

■I will re-imagine life again.l will dream and be open to the travel,people,and lessons

GOD wants to bring into it.

■My work and my words will give and not take from the world and the generations to


■My life and my work will enable me to care for ny children in better ways.Let it help

stabilise and provide for them in ways l wasn’table before.Let it teach them how to love

and to care for themselves and others,to listen ,to stay teachable,to serve others,to think

critically yet fairly,to stay merciful,to remember that apologies are incomplete without

repentance,recompense and restoration.

■And each of us can;write our lives into existence,live Heaven on Earth in present moment.

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