Self-Therapy:Step 1

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SELF-Therapy :It is basically all about acquiring the Knowledge of how to care and share.

It is the delicate value of how to be more human unto ourselves and others.

In this journey of life a lot has been stolen from the innocent inner child within us ,

and has been periodically violated.As we begin this video seris and your alone time,

be guaranteed of moments of sorrow as you empty bucketful of the past pains ,

disappointments and worries in tears.Good news,you will release burdens of tears of joy too.

When you begin to unwind the toxicity leaves the places it has settled in your body muscles,

bones,nerves and immune systems and one  begins to function better,have more clarity of mind,

make wiser decisions about ones own life.

l am not a professional but l am a witness that what l share is what l have recieved.

My first purpose on this earth is to love my God for Everything.Secondly ,it is to take care

of me and to Share .I sincerely believe that any form of Healing starts with you as an

individual:The Heart and The Mind.

What are you feeling?What are you constantly telling yourself about you?Are you ready to be open

with yourself ?to learn ?Well l was awed by a video seris l came across captured my heart

and my was my aha moment!l decided to use it as my first steps towards my-self-therapy holiday.

Before this article l posted two of his links on you tube.humbling,intelligent ,lessons.

Author/Producer :Gregg Braden

Video seris topic:  Living from the Heart.

Subscribe for free  online and choose a quiet moment to listen to  the 3 video seris.

●advice :one of the ways we are losing on so much is judging others and ourselves without

giving the benefit of doubt.

Hugs and One Love.

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