Mum/Dad l Need Your Help!

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“NO You DON’T !”

Before you bite my ears off ,let me explain myself.

You see every time a child comes to us parents with a complicated question,that has

to do with their career or relationships, we are quick to answer .Instead of saying,

“Son /Daughter ,l really don’t know what’s best for you,what’s in your heart,but l suggest

find some time , just the two of us ,and we look deeper into it,and am sure we will

definately come up with a good decision.”

Always wanting to appear adultish,we instead go all lecturing,or dismiss the complex

question with a cheap answer;”Relax!You are still young.Finish school/college /university

e.t.c  first.There is no hurry!You got all the time in the world!”

Wrong Answer.That child needs an answer from the most trusting person whom they first met

when they landed on this planet.

When you disclaim your responsibility by not being honest and saying:”l don’t really know, or we

need to sit down and think about it together “.The big mistake is that you leave that  very empty

space for others to violate or your unexperienced child to experiment as best as he /she knows.

Without  parental protection ,care and advice on matters of educational registration,job , career

and love relationship choices the world out there can be cruel.There are the prowling sugar-Daddies

and sugar-mummies now known as SPONSERS.

I am being vulnerable when l declare l have not done my best as a parent before but now l

know better and as a mother to young adults l am giving them my unconditional time and help.

l am inviting us parents ,especially with young adults, to take a more active role ,in  assisting our

children make up their mind about all their harbouring issues.

It’s Not too late .

However ;Do Not confuse this with ;”There is Time ….”;

NOW is the Time to hold your child’s hand and  together make those Wise choices.

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