Rethink, Reboot,Restyle .

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Why are YOU settling for less than your heart’s desires?
Is the world happening to you,or are you happening to it?
It sounds arrogant,even foolish ,but that just how it sounds, but in reality it is a question worth thinking about.
Many people are living in self-inward misery despite their outer look.There is more going on in their minds.Silent, self -conversations that without us learning how to take time to address these emotions ,this world is filling up with angry, sad people, who have subjected their minds to thinking and accepting they are lesser beings .Let’s begin by starting at the beginning and l am in this exercise as much as you are in it .Its happening to all of us at some point or other or most of the time.
What is it that you hate so much about you?
Where did you get that idea that it is So BAD?
Stop!Re-think:is it REALLY THAT BAD?
is it something that has been constantly drummed into your ears so often that you have come to accept it as a truth?
For example l have this girlfriend who makes a point of reminding me of my past any time we meet and publically laughs at me saying:”ulikuwa ume tupa mbao!”;in English “you had lost direction!”
This does something to my heart every time and takes me back to those days,poverty days and it weakens my confidence around her.We are all weaklings as far as sad historical moments are concerned. Unless a person volunteers to talk of their past especially in public,this is a
violation of their dignity.
So back to our healing process.
Look yourself in the mirror and give yourself a New Story.Remind yourself that you are a child of The Most High God and you are divinely created with every right to occupy this planet .
l intend to walk with you everyday in this blog page as l too make my journey to erasing all those mean words humiliations,past weakening experiences l have journeyed through. I believe where two or three or more are gathered its easier and faster to accept change,rethink,reboot and restyle your life giving yourself space,love and embracing all that GOOD which lies in you .
Till tomorrow when we will do small exercises.
Have a Loving ,beautiful weekend.

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