Are Our Youth Worthless Trash?

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What have you or me done to make our African youth feel like they are dignified and are worthy to occupy planet Earth? What measures have we as elders and leaders taken without violating their rights, not by the use of force and threats to try to stop our young ones, full of energy from casting themselves into the waves of seas and oceans or  the Sahara desert as they try to get to  “Wherever ” other than their homeland Africa ?Why has motherland Africa denied her children the right to feel that home is a comfort-zone ?What are we doing to change their mind-sets so that they can stop perceiving Africa as HELL and Anywhere else as HEAVEN?

This issue needs to be addressed Now and Today.The biggest failure is, we have refused to percieve our growing youth population as an asset , as a source of economic strength ,as a developmental manpower .We have refused to acknowledge their vitality and freshness of mind as potential creativity,natural and human material that goes far in innovations and other forms of growth.As a continent , purely blessed in land and mineral resources ,we have disarmed them by not consulting them in our political and nations building.In matters pertaining to them we refuse to listen to their powerful minds , new ideas and instead have accepted the European version  of them as a “nuisance” .We have bombarded them with political propaganda and turned them into potential terrorists.It is an explosive situation and we can no longer afford to look the other way .As a grown up continent made up of intelligent citizens we need to adjust and embrace a new mind shift.Firstly we would make them feel wanted and therefore capable and productive,Secondly , their increasingly dangerous lack of self-esteem and self-worth would diminish replacing the damaging habits such as drug,alcohol, substance abuse and anger.If we should choose to remain with our unempathic attitudes and selfishness we will continue to walk in darkness eventually being blinded to our youth’s value and resourcefulness.We will have violated their inherent rights as human beings.

Africa is enough for all of us!!!

Any other thoughts aligns with the words of Jenerali Ulimwengu :”We are all slave traders auctioning our children…”Harsh words but spoken from an authentic,compassionate place without malice.

Where can we as leaders or elders begin with our amends?

We all need to acknowledge and apologize for the problems are not of our youths but our governance:our unthinking and egotistical systems where the youth are treated as worthless trash.Let’s start by having conversations at the dialogue tables which must include the youth as full participants. Let’s address those deep underlying issues of neglect and exclusion;those that go deep into  the heart of the matter and are generally covered up.Lets  come up with solutions which are already there waiting to be implemented. Why?

Because Africa is enough for ALL of US!Any other thought undermines us a mature ,independent people.No outside interference is required. Our Unmasking will do us good.

I quote Jenerali Ulimwengu ‘s article December 2-8,2017 The EastAfrican .

“For the youth to be the Fulcrum that moves our world,they must undergo Value Addition themselves through:

●A Healthy Upbringing

●Quality Education

●Technical Skilling

●Ethical Moulding

A newborn baby should not be seen as just another mouth to feed and a future delinquent to imprison,but rather as a potential Einstenesque brain to think up new universes,a pair of deft hands a large Leonardo da Vinci or a heart of mercy a la Mother Theresa of Calcutta.”


Defination of Fulcrum:”a very important effect or what happens , an exerting influence in governance.”

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