Agony turns to Joy

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Am under duress,

l want to take a rest.

In Your Arms ,l know am

safe and sound.

O Lord !Let me take cover ,

help me l pray.

Spread Your Wings, cover me,

embrace me.

You are my Refuge!

Please take my agony,and release

me .

Let me  be free,secure in Your space.

Peace and Love.

Forgive me O God!


O why did l run away from You?

my God.

My deceitful desires ,evil one,

I have uncovered your lies,

blindness  unfolded and wild hatred for

my brethren replaced with compassion.

Anger, fights,worries all gone.

I can discern your traps, smell your “rat”

and stench of death .

The sweet Aroma of Heaven’s  scents

fill my inner person.

Former helter-skelter thoughts unburdened

at The Masters feet.

O sweet Jesus for  all Your Words  that

have shown me the way ,

taught me the truth and

given me the life,

l say Thank You.

For bringing me the Fathers House,

I say Thank You.

For Your Holy Spirit that abides in me,

I say Thank You

My heart sings with joy,

my lips

sing Your praises ,

and my

mind is at rest.

From a cry of pain ,to

a yelp of joy !



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