Beautiful Day

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O beautiful day!

Sunday your beauty is remarkable.

You are the day that gives us rest.

This day we do not do the shoving

and the pulling as we struggle to

get a seat on the train or bus .

Neither do we walk speedily along the

railway lines on our way to the industrial

areas and the treadmills.

We get a free day from our masters on

earth to dress in our best attires and

unmask our beautiful faces and hair.

O Sunday ! Gracious day, that unites

beyond gender,race and class ,as we

congregate in our places of worship,

to give our praise and honor to our

Universal Father ;our One GOD.

O glorious Sunday l embrace this day

of light ,compassion and goodness.

The day families ,relatives ,friends and

foes share in the breaking of bread.

O happy Sunday,

l love you!

Shine in our lives today.


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