Sleepless Nights.

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Strangely enough ,l can’t  fall asleep soundly

in any new place even if it is home.

I guess it’s what we call “comfort-zones” .

It takes 5-7 days for me to get back into

my old rhythm and that can be very frustrating.

Another observation that l have made is

that as l grow older l sleep lesser hours

and still manage to wake up rejuvenated.

Sometimes l literally hop out of bed with

a new thought or idea that l must jot down

immediately before it vanishes in thin air .

(l am old school and write first on paper.)

But,what is odd is that in my younger years,

l slept more hours but usually woke up  tired

and very moody .

However;.what promped  me to write this

article is , l realized Facebook has made

my  sleepless nights worthwhile .

I actually love the fact that in the quietness

of the night, like right now in the countryside

in Kenya, l can finally catch gas with my old

friends in the USA and other areas whose

day is my night.

Another great satisfaction is that l no longer

do those insomniac ,tedious

mathematical exercises of having  to count

sheep or was it cows ?

Other times it was counting numbers 100


I now have the absolute pleasure and

freedom to write down my thoughts and

share them with the world.

Thanks to Facebook !

With a cheek in tongue ,l can also proudly

identify  myself as a freelance writer ,



and editor  all on one plate ?

What a privilege!

I am grateful!

Lovely Friday!

Let me catch sleep before l give you

another “dossier”!!!!

Hugs and Love

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