On a train, going somewhere

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I look up from the book am reading
for l can not concentrate, as I feel
eyes are upon me.
Sitting across from me ,with knees
almost touching,I encounter four
unfriendly blue-eyed pupils, brows
squinted ,staring at me.
I am confused and silently wonder;
“Is there something wrong with me?”
I smile nervously,uneasily shifting
on my seat ,and meekly whisper;”Hi!”
The eyes remain static, fixed on me,
looking as if through me and beyond me.
In a flash I get the message loud and
clear;”We Do Not Like You! 

l feel intimidated and slightly unbalanced.

I look up observing the silver holding bars,

deciding whether to change seats,but l am

stubbornly stuck,in a fight other than flight mode.

However,just as quickly,reason wins and I choose
not to respond in an aggressive manner,and my 
thoughts align with the heavens looking for direction.
I suddenly recall a daily inspiration song
and l begin to mime the lyrics softly;
“O what beauty lies far and below;
The earth`s creations do I adore,.
I choose to love and to appreciate
as l fully embrace all that I see”

I will continue to smile and
brighten my heart for it knows
no darkness but only light.”

I feel enlightened like a feather
as l envision peace.I contemplate
thoughts of oneness as I decide,
“I will love those four eyes even
when they look beyond me;
because the reality is, we are in
the same place.
We are breathing the same air and
coming from the same One Universe,
Divine Creator”.

As l lower my head and gaze deeply,
the transformation is unbelievable.
The shift is a calmness,a light of love.
I mouth a humble “Hi” and the response is
a nod .I nod upwards too with a silent
prayer and a smile of gratitude .
I just witnessed a miracle of Divine
intervention on a train going somewhere.

“Thank You Divine Power of love, Wisdom
and Goodness”

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