Personal Peace.

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Everybody has “personal peace” moments.
We all have our own personal specific
ways as to how we reach these moments.
This article main aims at trying to
get you to reflect on your specific
method as we enjoy in sharing.
For starters the 3 Best ways let me state my 
three fulfilling ways:
Religious,Philosophical, Fiction,non-fiction,
Autobiographies,Commentaries and articles on

Social media:Medium ,facebook,Twitter,Linkedin e.t.c

Journaling,Scriptwriting,Creative Writing.Article Writing ,Novels.

Dancing &
and Singing to Music:to the lyrics
and rhythms of different genres ;
from Gospel, Soul, Raggae, R&B,Afro-American/Caribbean/
African cultural music and modern music

Research shows others get  personal peace from:

-long hours praying
-yoga or other forms of meditation
-eating and drinking
-hours of cuddling
Whatever it is ;lets” hear it and have fun!”
There is NO normal or better than the other.
This is you and your unique togetherness .

lf it is new l wanna try it!
Lets share.

Love &Hugs.

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