Why? is the answer to the How?

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It all starts with you ….
your Mind-Set!
Are you Feeling constrained,
uncomfortable, unfulfilled?
It is absolutely important that
one addresses this issue from a
no- war position,with a no-fight
attitude with a straight-forward
conversational strategy.
Do not treat fears and worries
anymore as if they were eternal
stuck-to-you-forever enemies
This combat position takes up.
too much of your energy and is the
cause of many ailments

Treat these vices as your friends
with a question of “WHY?”
Have a dialogue with your fears and
worries.Allow your strong inner-person
to face the conflict,
Remember,in every problem there is
a solution; usually not so far-fetched
as we imaginebut very close to the palm
of your hand.

An amazing truth is that every
single person has a higher calling to
be and to live in peace.
Noticeably,l am addressing this issue
from grieved grounds having experienced
these exhaustive,constant feelings of
disaappointments,anger,anxiety ,lack
and loss for many years.
However,l learned to tap into a Higher
Being and affirm my higher calling.
I chose to declare loudly;
“enough is enough “.
I decided on a simple method of
saying “No “to complaining or fleeing,
running away or angry outbursts and quarrels.
I started wanting and seeking to know
“Why am l fearful?”
“What is the underlying reason that makes
me so worried?”
“Why do l start sweating and getting
all nervous, agitated or fearful
whenever l am in a particular place
or with particular person(s)?”

Why ?Why? Why?
I have finally learnt to address me first .
I no longer address my wanting to know
the big questions of “How am l going to…???.”-(The Solutions).
The new pathway ,is I prioritize,in
knowing the”WHY ?”
“WHY?”is the answer to the “HOW?”.
Not “How?” leading to “Why?”.

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