Unclutter in order to be free

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Of late l keep on opening my wardrobe every morning and looking
for a trouser to wear or some blouse or dress or attire and a
recurring scenario takes place.
I either end up selecting what l wore last week or last two weeks
but never something worn more than a month ago. As l put on these
clothes, l am having this same, old, boring conversation in my mind.
“Why can`t l put on the grey or blue trouser?”

I always end up coming up with about three or four answers.
“It is not appropriate for today” or,”It does not fit me any more,
BUT since I intend to slim down “soon”,or one of these fine days l
will wear it”or,”Next time l go to Kenya l will carry a whole
suitcase of this wardrobe to give to the less fortunate” or,
a load of other excuses and promises to myself for the future.
Firstly,the whole wardrobe is so filled up that l no longer know
what exists there without fumbling around and probably throwing
everything on the bed.
Secondly,what guarantee do l have that l will see tomorrow to wear
that hoarded small-sized four years ago outfit?
Thirdly,it is not wise,cheap or practical to carry that one suitcase,
considering the plane kilo limits and cumbersome check-ins at the airports.
It is far more easier to buy everything back home.

l have now made a concrete decision to take a whole weekend and
unclutter not only my wardrobe but my kitchen cupboards,sitting room,
office desks ,corridors and even the cellar.
A deeper reason is the thought of if l were to depart from earth
tomorrow,I hate to think of the cumbersome work that I would burden
my loved ones with.Even if it were not death, I need to be able to
live anywhere and migrate with as much ease as possible.The less
unnecessary physical attachments I have the more flexible l am.
Currently, cash, one suitcase of wear, personal papers, my journal, and
digital storytelling equipment are more than enough for me to say
Adios! any time.Byes byes can be said with a selfie and a smile on
Social media.

So right now l intend to unclutter this week in order to create space
a peace of mind, freedom and flexibility to move on in life at a
moments notice .Destiny calls and I want to be ready to do what
I was divinely purposed to.
Who can identify with this?

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