Stop Assuming.

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To Assume:”to think or to accept that something is true but without having proof of it”.
Assumption:”a belief or feeling that something is true or that something will happen, although there is no proof.”
Have you ever met someone and you start labeling them, making all kinds of observation remarks about them, either in your head or verbally?
Have you later within the course of time or years being proved wrong ,and ,felt ashamed or guilty about it ,especially if you had made your thoughts known to another ,and are now fearful of being quoted?
This is something that am sure has happened to each one of us ,in our lifetime. It is the negative part common to human nature .However ,it is a habit and attitude that needs to be corrected.

In my life time l have encountered many people, and my first silent or loud assumptions about them later proved to be false.Due to the self-shame and regret afterwards, l try my level best not assume anything or anybody anymore.
l have learnt to give people the benefit of doubt since people, (me included) behave differently depending on where they are at that time and space and what kind of mood they are in. A good example is at a party where people have a bad habit of coming up with all sorts of conclusions about someone just because the other person is extra joyful. It is unfair to make wild assumptions on other’s character, beliefs or anything.The fact is we do not know all the details and the best thing is to either join the party or take a corner seat and be a silent, happy observer.
With age and experience, one learns to mind their own business and to do it unassumingly. In conclusion: Assumptions can be a waste of time and mental energy.

A tip:if someone’s attitude or behaviour is really disturbing you, the best advice is to either reach out to them in a” private” talk. Alternatively, in your “own privacy” (alone, not group prayer “lets pray for so and so..that is gossip,slander”,) pray for them.
Ask God to show you how to handle whatever is disturbing you about them.Enquire to know whether you are justified or is it just a case of envy.Then take time; be still and wait for God’s ultimate answer.
Making assumptions is a bad habit that one needs to delete from one’s life behavioral pattern.

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