Abandon Hypocrisy!

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Our life on earth is an ongoing exploration .
It is a journey most enjoyed in the seeking.
Along the way it is a quest for the unknown
where one is usually forced to knock on
many doors.
Some entrances will have doors that let you
in automatically, while some doors will open
outwardly  knocking you down with miles of
rejection. In that short moment when you got a glimpse of a lost dreams your
self-esteem came tumbling down,
bringing with it the small habits of hypocrisy .

“Hypocrisy” is a false virtue,a feigning to be what one is not,
and a pretense to believe what one does not.
It is a pathetic situation and a cowards game of soft lies.

What happens when one abandons hypocrisy?
Abandoning hypocrisy gives space to a

re-awakening .
One begins to see life for what it is with all its paradoxes.
Sometimes simple and at other times complicated ,one day joyful and  another
day filled with trials and tribulations.
In the course of living and breathing ,there are many choices to be made.However the worst route to take
is the” hypocrisy-route”.Remembering the lesson that
Nothing Seldom Comes Easily or Freely helps.
There are many varieties of choices ,and in most
cases one is required to either tap or bang loudly to be heard.
Life is active and it welcomes at best authenticity,
with positive results of success, unlike hypocrisy where the

consequencies are best described in the old saying ;
“There are forty days to a thief`s life.”
Hypocrisy is not only cheating but it is damaging.
Abandoning hypocrisy is allowing change to take place
in order to bear ripe good fruits such as loyalty and patience.
What is the worst type of hypocrisy?
It is “Self-Hypocrisy”. In simple terms ,”lying to oneself”.
In a materialistic world filled up with false teachings,
its easy to be trampled with confusion if one allows
oneself to ride on a boat along a river where one does
not know it`s final destination or the times of its tides.
What option does one have?
Quiet time is essential to cut out the noise and listen
clearly to the heart.An added  combination of prayer
and exercise helps clear the clogged mind of anxiety
as the Silent Voice of peace gets to enter your space.

Abandoning hypocrisy will be a lonely journey for sure.
However, in the long run the benefits are awesome.
Freedom from the fear of always belonging diminishes.
One day at a time the unmasking process takes place,
missions and visions become
more clear and priorities are refined to avoid immitations and ovetcome a self-identity crisis. Eventually one finds oneself embraced
with a Spirit of The Divine One.A Spirit of being
Authentic and Responsible on Planet Earth.

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz

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