A Doctor saved my life.

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After bashing my brains against the wall,

I realised how soon we forget  where we

have been and where we are heading to.

Painfully but with much relief,l recalled

how a certain Doctor’s quick decision

saved me from what would have led

to an unnessary death eventually.

Precisely 21 years ago, immediately after

the birth of my  last born, my fifth child,

daughter, something profound happened

in my life.It was at a time in my life’s journey

when l had hit rock bottom ,at the lowest

level. I did not have a stable income  and

therefore no medical insurance .

During my post-natal stage,I developed

a breast abscess condition,in plain language

“a boil” . Milk clotted in my breast later

producing pus which would then  burst out

in from an outer hole.This was one of  the

most painful moments in my life, both

physically as well as emotionally ,as l

could neither hold my new born baby

nor breastfeed her or even walk straight

without an arm sling due to the swelling.

During this period,l visited so many cheap

private clinics where l incurred many cuts

each time as they tried to remove the pus ,

and all the time l pleaded for a referral to

the biggest, National public hospital in

Nairobi Kenya:The Kenyatta National

Hospital.(The rule was without  a referral

letter no admission).As a common citizen

this was my only hope and goal since that’s

where good qualified Doctors work at an

affordable fee.

Finally a month later l recieved the letter

and went to KNH arriving at  6’oclock .

But the ordeal was not over and l was

admitted to the  Burns- Unit 14 hours later

after friends at the market raised the

required fee of Kshs 800.l was taken

to  an overcrowded ward where l had to

share a single bed with a teenage girl

who had had very serious paraffin burns

all over her body. l could not lie down and

as l sat , l watched  and sympathised

helplessly with all those suffering bodies

and listened to their endless  cries and


A Miracle happened….sometime after

Midnight a  lone Doctor visited the ward

and  after looking at me he asked that l

be taken to the theatre immediately.

l was operated and when l woke up, l

could not believe it.l had a small bandage

and the  pain was gone.The feeling was

great, an overwhelming joy of being  born

again.My first thoughts were,l want to

go home so that l can hold my baby and

look into her eyes so that she can see

a face free from the wrinkles of pain and

tearful eyes

I was released in the morning and l

thanked God for that one lone diligent

Doctor who showed me mercy.

He not only saved my breast, he was

compassionate enough to make a speedy

decision not to waste hospital space and

a wise one  to operate in order to hinder

another death and the possibility of

an an additional statistic to the growing

list of Breast cancer patients.

This article honors and is a salutation to

that doctor whom l never got to know his

name ,but l am indebted to him for he

helped a mother of five see daylight again.

He is a representative to all other Doctors


They deseve recognition,respect and a

Payroll that equals their hard work and

many studious  and research into new

medicines hours.


I sincerely thank every living Doctor more

so those who work in Public hospitals and

refugee camps all over the world.

I pray for peace and justice and

understanding from our Government

and it’s people.


Your grateful patient.

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz

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