Defaced Now Unmasked

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Did l Rebel?

No!  I heard the bell.

When l opened the door, there was my heart.

I gasped in anguish  and shame as l saw

the clear message that read;” Free Me!”

“From what? “I cried in fear.

“O Woman”; my heart screamed out at me,

“Cut out on the hypocricy.”

“Down with the skilled tools of lying ,the

falsehoods ,and the manipulations,

combined with that hang-up competitive



I  collapsed on  the floor, right at the

doorstep of my heart.

Strong emotions overwhelmed me, but

suddenly, a great wave of relief swept

through me, lifting me off the floor,

washing away all the falsehoods,deceits,

confusions, self-betrayals lived.

My mind asks, “Does it feel any better?”

My heart and l confide,”Yes,we are Real!”

My ear twitches as it hears the silent

whispers with a mission to unbalance

me and instill rigid fear.

“What are you going to do? The whispers

ask,nudging me.Dont you see that you will

be the laughing stock of town,rejected

and.others will spit on your face!

Stop playing heroic games for you are

a good for nothing.Your place is with a

bucket , a broom and a pan.

I recall all the lies, l  bubble them up and

spit the threats ,curses,false accusations

and defamation. The false labels l tear up

crushing them with the soles of my feet

as l laugh back:”l don’t belong there.”

“I don’t care what the world says;l know

about God’s  love ,mercies and where l

am coming from.l have a whole new future

filled with hope and forgiveness.”

I lean deep into my hearts embrace  and

enquire ,”What took you so long my love?

Why didn’t you arrest me earlier?”

My heart embraces me, and a sweet deep

Spirit whispers tenderly; “child of God;

Most good lessons are learnt through

experiences.Nothing was lost, you have

now gained a sense of who you are and

why you are here .Remember the freedom

you now have  comes with the price of

responsibility. It’s never cheap nor prideful.

Freedom is a combination of the choices

you make plus  the valued actions of

forgiving, caring, diligent work and above all

being genuine /authentic in Everything you

do and say.Listen carefully:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart

your  soul, your mind ,your strength and

your neighbour as you Love yourself”

Today at last l am free, and joyful.

“UnMasked” is what is happening day

by day…one step at a time.


Authored by:

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz

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