Tell it as it is!

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I have made a mental note to conspire to inspire others.

I have put it down on my daily agenda to give without expectations.

I have turned the tables upside down to take some daily  risks, and to

for-go some personal comfort in order to revolutionize my thoughts.

In this new space and time l have decided to be limitless in compassion ,

extremely limited in compromises that leave me unsettled ,ashamed or worried.

Writing down my thoughts and sharing is my freedom of outward expression.

I wish every person would find their own space and time and live rightfully in

this over-sized Earth that so few have shamelessly dominated

Being soul food is an inspiration in the hope the thoughts will be helpful even if

it be just one soul.Of course there will always be the down-sizers,the bone-breakers,

always be there to discourage ,embarass and hurt and l fully welcome them,for in

their spiteful ways l can  penetrate the evil world in which they excel for l know

know not it’s operative mechanisms being an outsider, who does not belong there.

When the Word of God tells me “Everything works for the good for those who

believe in God” then l have a fulfilled hope and there is a light in the dark tunnel.

I believe that every single person on this earth has a solid and valid story to tell

and most importantly to share.Simple logic also confirms that if our Creator made

us all equal,then l am no more superior to you ,or, you to me and we have no right

to seek to dominate one another.

You might say that is an utopian thought and I assure you I have made it my

obligatory right to live my mission of encouraging others and myself to live with

within a  fresh attitude of unmasking by being Authentic,Responsible and Loving;

Cutting Out on all forms of Hypocricy ,Lying and Copying or Immitations

You owe it to yourself and others to tell it as it is!

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