Today’s plans

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Life is Unpredictable with its outcomes and  that is the nature of the day.Knowing this as a fact and learning to accept that we actually have no 100% control of what today has in store for us what do we do? What can we do to protect our vulnerability? Experience has taught me and others that it is best to plan your day based on your mission statements.

Missions are your passions, likes, & loves. For a long time many of us especially the older generation have been taught that it is wrong and it is prideful to think about yourself and to do what you love doing and to be happy and feel at ease with your work.We have been taught we must work tirelessly and very hard whether we like it or not and enjoyment is not part of the agenda.What these false beliefs hammered into us by our elders, tradition and religion have done to us, is create a people that are oppressed internally and subsequently retire  miserable, emotionally, spiritually and  physically with bodies emanating all kinds of ailments due to loneliness, betrayals, a lack of self esteem and purpose.

Unmasking is a mission agenda .It is taking particular notice of your days agenda.What do you plan to do today ? How are your plans for today affecting you internally? Are your plans for today in alignment with your mission for tomorrow,in one, five or ten years to come? When you think about your plans for today are you excited ,hopeful for a better tomorrow? Are you enriching your passions and inner person? Are your plans for today in anyway making the world a better, safer,quieter place for your family and neighbours and for you?

All said and done if your plans for today will in one way or the other empower you and turn you into a compassionate,respectable and grateful person then proceed, go ahead with them.If your plans for today will make you regret tomorrow, turn you into an ungrateful,miserable guilty,depressed person then erase them,delete them from your agenda.Life is Unpredictable but our choices remain our choices.You have control of your choices and the one thing your choices should have is results of you becoming focused ,relaxed,tolerant,giving and loving whether you are a parent, student, spouse, lover, friend, worker or boss.These are basic; simple thoughts of Unmasking and being authentic.


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