A love letter to my pearl.

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Dearest Mum Grace Nduta Gathea.

With a tap on the screen l want to convey my heart felt deepest thoughts of you.One fine night ,an envious hand robbed you from us through cold blooded murder.Mum in God l have found peace even though you are gone from this earth .No matter what, no day goes by without me reflecting on all your goodness.Mum you were such a wonderful mother and no human person can ever take your place in my being.Your natural love of giving was exceptional.You sacrificed for us your children Nancy Nyambura (kiki)and my late brother Chris by giving us the Best of the best to the extent that we were the envy of the neighborhood at Harambee Estate. 27th,November 1982 was the year you went to rest with the Lord at a young age of 42 years and you remain the best  human gift God gave to me.

When l remember your infectious laugh l smile. Your stamina as you  crossed the seas and the oceans as an Air hostess to provide food and shelter for your children deserves a great salute.l dedicate this message of appreciation just for you and your compassionate kindness and patience in  motherhood and friendships.

l recall our last conversation eight hours before your death as we prepared for your new home and packed your kitchenware for new beginnings .Little did we know that  you were going to a different home, in the heavens.I have no doubt that wherever you are is better than what life dealt you here on earth through some bitter struggles as an uncompensated  single mother in the 60’s to 80’s yet you managed well beyond we best.We had a lot of joyous times and a  home filled with joy and music as you filled us with your free spirit.Dear mum rest assured you were the Best , did the Best how you knew Best!l now know better having had children of my own and managing as a single mother too.l have used your life journeys to gauge my way ahead especially in regard to  human relationships and making wise choices.You were and remain my number one human mentor.You gave me my first kiss,my first smile,wiped away my first tear,cuddled me and fed me my  first food.I know you hear me and see me and I can feel your presence and the warmth of your smile.I have found God for daily guidance and I thank you mother for l know before you died you had found the good solace of God too.Thank You God for keeping my mum in a peaceful place till we meet again.

Great love from your first born child.

Charity Wairimu Ngugi-Latz


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