In the realization of a dream

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A lot of creative talent goes to waste for lack of proper nurturing, inspiration and  a conducive environment.
For 5 years An Encounter With God Missions, Pride Links Supplies LTD have been planning for a
Creativity Center. Now in collaboration with DigitaStorytelling: the dream is close
to being realized.The proposed Creativity Center will focus on Arts and will be located in Muguga/Kiambu/Kenya,
in  a serene, inspiring and green atmosphere .It targets both learners and explorers of all ages , to shareskills,
knowledge, experiences and engage in a variety of activities. The beauty of the land will offer an undisturbed
tranquil environment for clear thought and inspired creativity. Here is a sneak video interview  by two of the
founders interviewer Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz and interviewee:Mr James Ngugi Njai is a retired director
of Arts and Crafts department with the Ministry of Education and he is vastly experienced in Batik Art Works.
Check out more….drama,songs,crafts…etc

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