Ofuon’go The Unbeatable

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An Unmasked story about a group of youth who meet everyday at their idling corner:

known as”Base” in their neighbourhood ,”MTAA”.

Unfortunately,their basic comfort-zone behavior is being threatened by a

new presence of fear ,a new problem, in the person of Ofuon’go ,a loner,

who is beating them one by one, thouroughly and unexpectedly.

As the drama unfolds,we observe the youths poor reasoning as they prepare

to  gang  up and beat Ofuon’go out of the Mtaa. However ,their last shred of hope

is shattered as their group leader Dero encounters a severe beating and  declares

Ofuon’go as “unbeatable” suggesting they go report their assault cases at nearby

police station and get P3 forms ;certifying bodily harm or assault for legal action.

The Message:
1)No one  is above the law

2)Never ever take the law into your own hands alone or as a gang.

3)Always act responsibly and avoid idleness and peer influence.

Charity Wairimu Ngugi –Latz

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