Money perspective to the youth

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Financial Knowledge is Key to Financial Security.

From what I have seen over the years, the pressing problem of the young generation
is not unemployment but a lack of a proper foundational  financial literacy.
The young people are living a day at a time not thinking nor planning for the future.
Most of us dream of creating wealth but we are busy trying to live lavishly and to impress.
The small amounts we make, we eventually spend it on unnecessary expenditure.
However, those who have truly mastered the art of creating wealth have learnt that it’s
not what they make that counts, but what they keep.
What you keep doesn’t only mean your liquid savings, but can range from the assets
you have acquired, to the skills you have invested in.
As much as you might worry about being unemployed or being in unstable employment,
take at least 30 quiet, immobile, undisturbed minutes and ask yourself;
“how do l  spend what I already have?”
(It could be earned money or pocket money or a gift.)
Financial knowledge(expenditure forethought) is key to financial security

A new perspective:Cut down your unnecessary expenditure.

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